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Types of Loans

Home Loan and Loan against Property

One of the priorities of life for a person is having his own house and hence it is one of the most important and emotional decisions of one’s life. We understand the importance of buying a home and we do a special research-based approach while borrowing a Home Loan for our clients.Loan against property (LAP) or Mortgage loans is one of the preferred ways of raising funds against a residential or commercial property by parking its papers with banks or institutions as a mortgage.

Personal Loan and Business Loan

A personal loan is a right funding facility provided by well known Banks and NBFCs of India like IDFC, HDFC, Axis, Kotak etc. that helps one meet up money requirements for various times of life like medical emergencies, wedding, education, home renovation, asset purchase, business requirements, etc.Business income generates livelihood for entrepreneurs hence it’s nurturing, growth & expansion is of utmost priority. Short term business loan is required at many stages like for setting up new business or expansion in form of working capital or term loans.

Project Funding and Private Funding

We are known to specialize in assisting for raising different types of funds, from the banks / Institutions for their existing and new businesses as per requirement. We offer our clients suitable low cost options, based on present financial status and future growth prospects. We are in syndication of Working Capital Limits (Both Fund Based and Non-Fund Based) and Term Loans in Indian currency as well as foreign currency. We can also propose an enhancement of working capital limits and Term Loans.

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Real estate developers may raise more than $25 billion over the next three years by listing their rent-yielding commercial properties through the Real Estate Investment Trusts

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Commercial rent arrears recovery is a process undertaken using certificated enforcement agents, they will enter the property and remove items to cover the rent owed.

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